Financial Freedom Fighter

Fanny Snaith

Financial Freedom Fighter and Fitness Coach for your Finances in Cheltenham, United 42_fanny_snaithKingdom

I have always been good with money.

I have managed many budgets during my working life. For the past twelve years I have been working part time but I have still managed to build a good personal wealth for me and my family.

Before that I was an event organiser and worked in many aspects of television and entertainment. I am a born organiser and logical thinker. Friends come to me for advice on many things - not just money issues and I am happy to help them. 7

I can juggle many tasks at the same time and achieve great results with running a home or small business. I would love to share my experiences with you and hope you find happiness, peace and the natural ease and confidence with your budgets and finance as I do.

Time to stop worrying!

Want to not worry about money? Sort out the jumble and change your feelings towards finance? Be buddies with your budget and find financial freedom.

Money has always been a hobby of mine and now I love helping others to take control of their finances so that they can find a path to financial freedom. So many have negative feelings about money and I would like to discover those with you and help you to smash them to pieces so that you can be happy and make purchases and plans with a smile.

My mission is for as many people as possible to have a good deal of financial literacy so that they can organise their finances with confidence. I'm going to give you the Money Bug!