Once Upon A Time

Natalie awoke as a middle-aged, single mother of two very young children. Her fifteen year-long marriage was ending in divorce and she found herself tumbling into a tough and terrible time.

For two, long years she grieved alone, thinking that  no one understood her. She tried to hide it from her beloved children but at night, when they were asleep, Natalie would find herself crying and drinking... and crying some more.
She looked for love on the internet, but she struggled to find the "fairest in the land."

Time passed and Natalie began to realise that she had to take charge. Her friends and family cared deeply for her, but they had their own lives to lead; their own adventures and disasters to seek and overcome. They were still there for her, but could only help so much
in dispelling the pain, failure and loneliness that she felt so deeply.

Grasping this realisation, Natalie sought out new adventures and friends. Her children would spend time with their father giving Natalie the chance to socialise and feel normal once again.
Her children were happy, she was happy and the crying and drinking were beaten! She even found time to date occasionally. (She has yet to find her Prince Charming but she can certainly laugh about some of her Grimm dating tales.)

Natalie had gone Into the Woods, beaten her demons and returned with her reward.
Although she knew that being a good, single-mother was going to be the
most relentless, difficult and often thankless task she would ever do, she knew she could do it and do it well. She was determined of that...


Through her journey, Natalie discovered that she wasn't alone, that there were other people who understood what she had been going through. She learned from many other single mums and felt a close solidarity with the many she was fortunate enough to meet. She finally had some clarity...

"There is no need for anybody to feel alone, or to feel that they are on their own, as we can all help each other," she thought.

Natalie didn't have a magic wand but, she did have her will and determination. She decided to build the online community that she knew was needed to unite single mothers across the UK to offer support and friendship right when they needed it. It was hard work and she could have given up but she fought on to provide a place for new friends to meet up and have a chat and to find the information and resources they need for their journey into the woods.


And they all lived, Happily Ever After...

The End