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An impressive panel of experts await to pick you up, brush you down, and keep you going. You're a mother, and that will be the most important job you do! You're moving in a new direction now and with the support that you will find here, you will be able to move on with confidence - no matter how long that process takes.  Whether it's a new challenge to organise your finances, or it's finding a new coping strategy to make your life that bit easier, you will get all the help that you need here!
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A place to share, care, give and receive support and most importantly make new friends. Whether you're newly separated, dealing with the breakdown of your relationship, or have simply chosen to parent as a Single Mother, Mumz The Word has something for you all.

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who we are

This online community for Single Mums was started by a Single Mum. Aware from her own experiences of the lack of support when having to make the transition from family unit to solo parenting, she decided to make an online space to offer other women the support that she couldn't find when she needed it. You can read more about why Mumztheword was founded here.